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  • Erica Schenk strikes a blow for plus sized women
  • Erica Schenk strikes a blow for plus sized women
    Women's Running (2015) ©

Erica Schenk strikes a blow for plus sized women

While ‘thinspiration’ may once have been the ultimate fitness motivation, we’re now more open to the idea that health can come in varied forms. Plus size model Erica Schenk has reignited the debate by appearing on the cover of Women’s Running. But is this a positive step for plus sized women?



  • Samsung phones could soon measure body fat Samsung phones could soon measure body fat

    We track calories and heart rate with our smartphones, and we soon may be able to measure our body fat as well. Samsung has patented an idea for fat sensors on its handsets. With growing interest in health tracking and the current obesity epidemic, it may be a welcome addition.

  • Article image Take It From A Fish: kids give dad health advice

    People don’t like being told what to do, especially by big corporations. And knowing that men in particular don’t like listening to health advice, pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca targeted the wives and kids of unhealthy dads. But how did it do this? And why did it work so well?

  • Article image Chicken Town: fast food in disguise

    Just under a quarter of children in London are obese, and with over 8,000 fried chicken shops spread across the capital, junk food is a major contributing factor. Tottenham-based Chicken Town offers up a healthy alternative to the greasy meal, but will school kids be able to stomach it?

  • Article image Upbeat: a sports drink for ‘protein princesses’

    Protein is no longer just for pumped-up gym boys, it’s for girls too. ‘Protein princesses’ – women who work out between four and five times a week – are driving sales of powders, shakes and bars. But how is shake brand Upbeat proving so popular with women both in and out of the gym?