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  • Bacteria may be the future of personal care
  • Bacteria may be the future of personal care
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Bacteria may be the future of personal care

Does dirt clean your skin better? A selection of personal care products marketed under the brand name Mother Dirt, including shampoo, cleanser and a mist, contain a challenging ingredientlive-bacteria. Is this a pivotal shift in the cosmetics and personal care market?



  • Article image Do our homes need a detox?

    With media and researchers exposing the chemical nasties found in everyday products – from air fresheners to washing powders – consumers across the world are facing up to a hidden health crisis. With indoor pollutant levels two to five times higher than outdoor, is it time our homes had a detox?

  • Article image Stowaway: ‘right size’ make-up for women on the go

    Handbag real estate is in short supply. Women carry around 40 items in their bags – from iPhones, to spare knickers. Stowaway makes ‘right sized’ cosmetics; small enough to be slipped into a clutch. Can this tiny beauty brand disrupt the big players in a $60 billion beauty industry?

  • Article image Geneu U+: skincare tailored to your DNA

    Everyone has a skin problem – saggy, dull, greasy or dry. Spots are no longer a teenage problem; half of adults have acne. Geneu has developed U+, in-store technology that tailors skincare to customer’s DNA. But do we really want to mix science into our beauty regime?

  • Article image Reassuring parents at Jessica Alba’s Honest Company

    In line with the growing popularity of sustainable and organic baby products, Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has launched The Honest Company.