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  • Gen Y keen on connected cars
  • Gen Y keen on connected cars
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Gen Y keen on connected cars

Car ownership is dwindling among Gen Yers, with many of them as likely to pay for a piece of a car as the whole thing. But according to a recent survey from nVest Ventures, connected cars could halt this decline, with smarter vehicles appealing to the majority of Gen Y.



  • Article image Visa, Pizza Hut and Accenture: Delivering the connected car

    Over the next five years, the portion of vehicles on sale that are networked will grow from 10% to 90%. But as car and mobile brands wrangle over how this will work, a partnership between Visa, Pizza Hut and Accenture lets drivers order and pay for pizza from the dashboard.

  • Article image How car-hacking will change the way we drive

    To many, car-hacking sounds like an improbable danger from a distant future. But many new cars are connected to wireless networks, and are already vulnerable. Hacking is responsible for a third of car thefts in the UK. Is digital security now the car industry’s biggest challenge?

  • Get groceries delivered to your car Get groceries delivered to your car

    In a post-recession climate, research shows that people now favour 'promiscuous' shopping habits for groceries - visiting convenience stores more than large supermarkets. Curbside is an app that wants to bypass both, letting you collect groceries in your car.

  • Article image Mercedes Predictive User Experience: a car that knows you

    The global premium and luxury car industry was worth €319 billion in 2013. As Audi, BMW and Mercedes compete for market share, can Mercedes' Predictive User Experience – which accurately predicts the driver’s behaviour and adjusts to their preferences – put it on top?