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  • Supper delivers Michelin-starred cuisine
  • Supper delivers Michelin-starred cuisine
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Supper delivers Michelin-starred cuisine

While takeaways might be associated with sloppy curries and lukewarm pizza, services like Deliveroo and Deliverance have given them a higher-quality edge. Delivery service Supper is now taking it even further, delivering Michelin-starred food from fine-dining restaurants to your door.



  • Farfetch provides yacht delivery service Farfetch provides yacht delivery service

    It’s a problem many of us encounter while drifting somewhere in the Mediterranean. You recline onboard your pristine yacht, cradling a glass of Dom Perignon. But horror! You need a new dress for tonight. No need to fear, Farfetch is here with a brand new yacht delivery service.

  • Article image The taste of Waldorf Astoria: luxury hotel food goes local

    With Far-Eastern tourists becoming more extravagant, and Western visitors searching for authenticity, luxury hospitality is undergoing a difficult transformation. The solution, for the Waldorf Astoria Group, is to offer a new gastronomic experience that celebrates the brand’s heritage yet offers a series of new iconic dishes to attract fine-dining travellers.

  • Order your take away food on Amazon Order your take away food on Amazon

    Continuing the attempt to branch out into every possible sector and industry, November 2014 saw Amazon announce a platform for customers to order local takeaway food. Launching initially in Seattle, the company expects to roll the service out across the US in 2015.

  • Article image Untie your apron and reach for a ready meal

    While some people are bypassing the butcher in favour of curing their own meats, another set can’t be bothered to even turn on the oven and are sending the posh ready meal market soaring. But as people's tastes split into two extremes, what’s prompted these new habits?