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  • Drink your dinner on the go
  • Drink your dinner on the go
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Drink your dinner on the go

Have we evolved past meals? Soylent hopes that solid food will soon become obsolete and we’ll all be sipping on its algae-based drinks instead. Previously available as a powder which buyers had to mix themselves, the company is now making it easier for customers by selling it in bottles.



  • Article image Alpro Almond Milk: going nutty for milk alternatives

    Dairy alternatives aren’t groundbreaking. They’re drinks made from nuts or seeds, mixed with water and flavourings – and they’ve been around for centuries. But we’re slurping them at a rate of more than 42 million litres a year. So what is it about cow’s milk that’s turning the dairy market sour?

  • Article image Upbeat: a sports drink for ‘protein princesses’

    Protein is no longer just for pumped-up gym boys, it’s for girls too. ‘Protein princesses’ – women who work out between four and five times a week – are driving sales of powders, shakes and bars. But how is shake brand Upbeat proving so popular with women both in and out of the gym?

  • Soylent's food hacking community Soylent's food hacking community

    As Soylent, the all-in-one powdered food that has 'everything the healthy body needs' faces supply shortages, a community of life-hackers are creating, buying and sharing their own concoctions with thousands of recipes surfacing on 'DIY Soylent'.

  • Article image 3D printed food: drink your breakfast, lunch and dinner

    By 2025, more than one in five Europeans will be aged 65 or over. The EU has dedicated over €7 billion to tackle health issues, demographic change and well-being – and it’s produced a potential solution to the challenges of an ageing society: 3D printed food.