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  • E-commerce booms in rural China
  • E-commerce booms in rural China
    Samuel Vigier (2011) ©

E-commerce booms in rural China

Chinese villages are being transformed by e-commerce, with traditional industries like pig farming being overtaken by new manufacturing opportunities fuelled by online shopping. E-commerce companies like Alibaba and JD.com are competing for the lion’s share of this expanding sector.



  • Alibaba wants to buy sperm in China Alibaba wants to buy sperm in China

    Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba really does sell everything. Not only can you log on and buy anything from its vast range of electricals, clothing, industrial equipment and office supplies, but now you can even find a sperm bank to sign up to, which will happily pay for your unique donation.

  • Article image Xiaomi: the iPhone of China

    With a reputation for quality, foreign brands dominate Chinese technology markets. But in 2014, homegrown Xiaomi overtook Samsung and Apple to become the biggest smartphone manufacturer in China. How did a Chinese company manage to build enough prestige to compete with the big boys?

  • Article image Jiuxian: selling wine online in China

    Chinese wine used to be poor quality, made for export, and marked-up at inflated prices. But now it's the biggest market for red wine, with Chinese people buying 1.86 billion bottles in 2013. How did Jiuxian create wine connoisseurs and become China’s largest alcohol e-tailer?

  • Article image Rong360: a banking service China can trust

    2014 has seen China's distrust of corporations, banks and the government grow more than ever before. By positioning itself as a cheaper and more trustworthy alternative to intermediary agents, can finance service Rong360 attract customers that don't understand online banking?