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  • Workers increasingly given benefits over pay
  • Workers increasingly given benefits over pay
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Workers increasingly given benefits over pay

Work can be tough, particularly in the US, where wages have remained practically static over the last few years. But benefits such as paid leave and healthcare have seen a boost. Is this new method of compensation really preferred by workers, or are companies just dodging costs?



  • Gen Y women will sacrifice work for kids Gen Y women will sacrifice work for kids

    The woman who ‘has it all’ has been touted as an aspirational figure for females seeking both a career and family. But is this goal really achievable without some compromise? Studies show Gen Y mothers are more willing to alter their career paths for children than Gen X and Boomers were.

  • Article image Who wants to work in an office?

    The office is changing. New technology means employees are more mobile, affecting the physical and cultural dynamics. By 2020, freelancers will make up 40% of the workforce, and rent-an-office spaces and cafés are meeting this new need. So what will the office of the future look like?

  • Article image The Politesse: should you wear a crop top to work?

    With young women’s career ambitions having overtaken men’s, the founders of online magazine The Politesse saw an opportunity for a publication fusing practical business advice with lifestyle gloss – from the correct stance on crop tops at work, to how to ask for a pay rise.

  • Article image Is work the new religion?

    As having a strong work ethic is increasingly valued and respected, being hard-working no longer means you’re a geek. On the contrary, it's becoming a preferable lifestyle choice.