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  • Study shows driving can keep seniors healthy
  • Study shows driving can keep seniors healthy
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Study shows driving can keep seniors healthy

For many seniors, letting go of the car keys and ending a life-long driving habit is a watershed moment. But the potential impact is more serious than a loss of independence, with a new study showing that seniors could even experience adverse health effects as a result of no longer driving.



  • Article image EasyFamily: safe and simple surfing for seniors

    The presumption that Gen Y and Z are driving social media uptake is past; 63% of over 70s spend 11 to 30 hours a week online. But how do you get people familiar with Facebook family banter, Skyping the grandkids and browsing Picasa albums? Will Family Ribbon be the business to get seniors surfing?

  • Article image Silverskill: giving seniors a sense of purpose

    Taiwan is set to become Asia’s fastest-ageing nation. As part of a move to position itself as a knowledge leader for coping with an ageing society, Silverskill is a platform for retirees to pass on skills to younger generations. What's Taiwan doing right, and how can other nations follow suit?

  • Boosting awareness of lonely seniors Boosting awareness of lonely seniors

    Jam and scones. Knitted tea cosies. Stories about the good old days… how about arty Sierra-filtered snaps? Age UK’s #NotByMySelfie campaign brings our perceptions of seniors into the 21st century via the selfie, reminding us that no one should be alone in the digital age.

  • A social network for isolated seniors A social network for isolated seniors

    Japan’s ageing society is increasingly isolated. The number of people over 65 who live with their children dropped from 53% in 1980 to 18% in 2010. Now, 60-year-old first time entrepreneur Ikuo Minakata has created a social network to help quietly reconnect parents and children.