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  • Emoji is fastest growing new language
  • Emoji is fastest growing new language
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Emoji is fastest growing new language

Who needs words when you have emojis? Most Gen Yers now believe that these colourful symbols improve our ability to communicate, using them in the majority of all messages sent. In fact, almost three-quarters find it easier to express emotions with emojis than they do with words.



  • Article image MasterCard Selfie Payments: pics become passwords

    The average Gen Yer spends five hours a week taking photos of themselves. Knowing how much this group loves a selfie, and that ease is considered the most important feature of banking, MasterCard is hoping its ‘selfie’ payment method will get them snapping and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

  • Emojis come to the workplace Emojis come to the workplace

    Group messaging phenomenon Slack serves over half a million workers every day as a replacement for email, improving communication, transparency and productivity. Now, the service has added emoji-based reactions to its offering – but what’s the purpose of this playful move?

  • Domino’s lets you order pizza with a tweet Domino’s lets you order pizza with a tweet

    What are you doing when you browse through Twitter? Chatting with friends? Perusing your feed for the latest news story or celebrity brawl? Retweeting a meme? Domino’s now wants the social platform’s 302 million active users to start ordering their pizza from there, too.

  • Article image How emojis make digital communication more human

    With just 7% of communication being attributed to spoken words, and the remainder down to body language and tone of voice, it’s easy to see why communicating online has been described as cold and impersonal. Emoticons, emoji and stickers are helping make digital communication a bit more human.