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  • Gen Y women will sacrifice work for kids
  • Gen Y women will sacrifice work for kids
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Gen Y women will sacrifice work for kids

The woman who ‘has it all’ has been touted as an aspirational figure for females seeking both a career and family. But is this goal really achievable without some compromise? Studies show Gen Y mothers are more willing to alter their career paths for children than Gen X and Boomers were.



  • Article image Why are more women choosing to be childfree?

    Want to be part of an evolved and envied elite that’s highly educated, successful, prosperous and enjoying great sex? Simple – don’t have kids. Birth rates amongst 20-something Americans are at their lowest ever and the ‘childfree by choice’ demographic is wealthier, healthier and happier. But why?

  • Article image BabyOye: Indian mums spend big on babies

    Financially-empowered mums have become the driving force behind India’s $12 billion baby care industry. Specialist retailers have now set up shop promising to better serve this segment with improved prices and convenience. But will this be enough to win the hearts and minds of these shoppers?

  • Article image Why today‚Äôs babies have it all

    New mums are older than they’ve ever been. They’re also better off. With the 2.4 kids standard fading, are today’s babies being born into a lap of luxury where only the best will do? If so, how can brands align with this quality-not-quantity approach to family life?

  • Helping UK mums find work Helping UK mums find work

    While 42% of Americans think mothers shouldn’t work at all, mums in the UK are increasingly using childcare in order to keep working. For those finding it difficult to secure flexible employment, the spring launch of a site to help mothers go back to work will be welcome.