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  • The cocktail bar inspired by Breaking Bad
  • The cocktail bar inspired by Breaking Bad
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The cocktail bar inspired by Breaking Bad

The RV that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman fix up as a makeshift meth lab in Breaking Bad has been repurposed as the backdrop to an immersive drinking experience catering specifically to the show's boozier superfans. But do people really want to cook up their own cocktails like crystal meth?



  • Happiness hacking to get rid of holiday blues Happiness hacking to get rid of holiday blues

    What’s so good about going on holiday, anyway? Although it’s fun at the time, every good experience inevitably ends, and so too will those elevated levels of fleeting happiness. But this doesn't need to be the case – social psychologists are suggesting better ways to consider experiences.

  • Article image Escape The Room NYC: paying to be locked in a room

    Trying to escape from a locked room might sound like a scene from a horror movie, but people in the US are paying good money to live out this fantasy. What’s the appeal of ‘escape the room’ games, and how do they fit into an entertainment market soon to be dominated by virtual reality?

  • Article image Guardian Midland Goods Shed: experience a newspaper in 3D

    With newspaper sales continuing to fall, the news industry is facing a crisis. How do you sell the news if everyone expects it for free? Can The Guardian sell the ‘world’s leading liberal voice’ through workshops, lectures and coffee? And where is its place in the digital revolution?

  • Article image A taste of history at Whistling Shop

    The information age has bred a new kind of consumer who seeks variety and adventure. Cellar bar Whistling Shop immerses visitors in Old-London heritage while offering a familiar entry point.