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  • New teen mag banks on YouTube fandom
  • New teen mag banks on YouTube fandom
    Gage Skidmore (2014) ©

New teen mag banks on YouTube fandom

What is Alfie Deyes’ phwoarsomeness rating? How does Miranda Sings ‘essensuate’ her big red lips? And what do Zoella’s guinea pigs want to share in their monthly column? All this and more in Oh my Vlog a new magazine aimed at teen girls who live and breathe all things YouTube.



  • Article image Why Gen Z prefer peer-produced content

    Did YouTube kill the Hollywood star? In the second installment of this two-parter, we look at why Gen Z value the talents and opinions of their digital peers, what services they are flocking to and how a shift towards user generated content will affect the future of media production and distribution.

  • Article image Why teens would rather be internet famous

    One in three teens claim they could make money by creating YouTube videos. The success of social media stars like Bethany Mota shows that celebrity endorsements aren't influential as they used to be. Today's teens want inspiration from cool kids who could easily be their mates.

  • Article image YouTube goes live with Comedy Week

    Combining old and new media stars with plenty of hype, can YouTube Comedy Week close the gap between internet success and its equivalent in the mainstream media?

  • Article image Evolving the magazine: how publishers are diversifying

    'Print is dead' – or is it? Adapting to a complex digital landscape, publishers are finding new ways to extend the brand.