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  • A seaweed that could be the next superfood
  • A seaweed that could be the next superfood
    Oregon State University (2015) ©

A seaweed that could be the next superfood

A hearty breakfast isn't complete without a few rashers of bacon. But with so much pressure around eating healthily, you'd be forgiven for feeling guilty when eating it. Now, scientists believe they've found the mother of all superfoods; healthy seaweed that tastes like bacon.



  • Article image Slim Pasta: a zero-vitamin, zero-calorie superfood

    Unlike the usual superfoods, Slim Pasta doesn’t add anything to your diet; no antioxidants, no vitamins, no enzymes or minerals. It's slimy, chewy and look a bit like space food – but it claims to be the best-selling low calorie pasta in Europe. So why are dieters so keen to slurp down Slim Pasta?

  • Article image Bakers Delight Healthy Loafstyle: bread in the age of gluten-free

    In Australia, one in five women feel guilty when eating bread, and almost 40% would enjoy eating bread more often if healthy alternatives were more accessible. In August 2014, Bakers Delight introduced its ‘Healthy Loafstyle’ – a range of ‘health-orientated’ bread.

  • Are insects the new eco superfood? Are insects the new eco superfood?

    Promoting the ecological and nutritional benefits of eating insects isn’t new, but squeamishness has proved a barrier to widespread adoption. Now The Insect Cookbook, awarded first prize at LA’s Green Book Festival, hopes to repackage entomophagy for a foodie generation.

  • Article image A bite to drink? Mamma Chia's take on snacking

    With diet-conscious consumers looking for quick and healthy snack options, drinkable foods like Mamma Chia's organic seed juices are bridging the gap between categories.