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  • ASOS launches podcast to engage customers
  • ASOS launches podcast to engage customers
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ASOS launches podcast to engage customers

In an effort to engage with core customers, online fashion retailer ASOS is set to launch a weekly podcast focusing on female business owners. Having already rolled out a monthly print magazine, the brand hopes its newest venture can reach an even wider range of its Gen Y and Z audience.



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    With millions using AdBlock and just 24% of users scrolling down on native ads, brands can struggle to reach online consumers. Yet 90% of EasyJet’s six million monthly passengers read its in-flight magazine Traveller. We speak to Ink Global’s Jonny Clark to discover what makes engaging branded content.

  • Slack launches its own podcast Slack launches its own podcast

    Office chat platform Slack has become a Silicon Valley phenomenon, and in April 2015 was valued at more than $2.8 billion. With a number of its client businesses creating their own branded content, Slack's following suit with its own podcast, intended to promote its human side.

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    Averaging 2.2 million listeners per episode, NPR’s Serial podcast is not just a cultural phenomenon, but a game-changer for a formally underappreciated medium. But why has the story of a 1999 murder in Baltimore struck such a chord? And what is it about the lure of audio that’s driving a talk radio revival?

  • ASOS leads with personalised shopping ASOS leads with personalised shopping

    Once, people were happy to trawl through thousands of products to find the right one. Now, time-starved shoppers want to be shown an “edited” version with products relevant to them. ASOS has stepped up and started to offer this to its customers.