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  • Alibaba wants to buy sperm in China
  • Alibaba wants to buy sperm in China
    Josh Pesavento (2010) ©

Alibaba wants to buy sperm in China

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba really does sell everything. Not only can you log on and buy anything from its vast range of electricals, clothing, industrial equipment and office supplies, but now you can even find a sperm bank to sign up to, which will happily pay for your unique donation.



  • Article image Why are more women choosing to be childfree?

    Want to be part of an evolved and envied elite that’s highly educated, successful, prosperous and enjoying great sex? Simple – don’t have kids. Birth rates amongst 20-something Americans are at their lowest ever and the ‘childfree by choice’ demographic is wealthier, healthier and happier. But why?

  • Health apps can do more harm than good Health apps can do more harm than good

    Health apps and trackers sell themselves as the gateway to a more wholesome and healthy life. But can they actually be dangerous? A new report, titled ‘Can Healthy People Benefit from Health Apps', raises questions about how apps are creating unnecessary anxiety in otherwise healthy people. 

  • Article image Oscar: reviving the US healthcare system

    Health insurance plans are confusing for Americans – just 14% of those with private health coverage have an understanding of the most basic insurance concepts. Oscar is disrupting the industry and appealing to digital natives by running a health insurer like a start-up. But how?

  • Article image EggBanxx: financing fertility to delay motherhood

    Egg freezing was once a procedure undertaken for medical reasons. Now, however, it's fast becoming a choice for many women in the US who want to ‘have it all’ and delay motherhood. But why are these women so keen to spend up to $10,000 to try to freeze time?