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  • Account sharing is the norm for Netflix users
  • Account sharing is the norm for Netflix users
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Account sharing is the norm for Netflix users

Netflix price hikes – the most recent of which was announced in June 2015 – are never received well. But while its 65 million subscribers might be grumbling, there’s little reason for them to complain. New research shows that around two-thirds of Netflix users share their accounts.



  • Globshop connects shoppers with travellers Globshop connects shoppers with travellers

    Home delivery is more of a norm than a luxury now, right? Not necessarily. Shopping online can often lead us to products that are either cheaper abroad or simply can’t be delivered to specific regions. French-born Globshop intends to fix that by connecting shoppers with globetrotters.

  • Article image Popcorn Time: making piracy feel legal

    We're as frugal with our time as we are with our money. So it's no surprise that we're neither prepared to pay for the cinema nor wait for films to leave the box office; piracy is rife. Popcorn Time – ‘the Netflix of piracy’ – is making illegal downloads feel more normal and less criminal than ever.

  • Article image HideMyAss!: bootlegging Netflix in Australia

    Netflix has 50 million subscribers, and it's offered in over 50 countries – but Australia isn’t one of them. So what do Australians do when they want to stream a movie? They do exactly the same as the rest of us, and watch Netflix – only they do it illegally.

  • Article image AdBlocker: cleaning the Internet of ads

    Advert-blocking browser plugins are growing at a rate of nearly 70% year-on-year. The most popular, Ad Blocker, reached 150 million users in June 2014. And if people really are more likely to climb Mount Everest than click a banner ad, what is next for online advertising?