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  • Prescription drugs found to alter morality
  • Prescription drugs found to alter morality
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Prescription drugs found to alter morality

A new study shows that common drugs prescribed for depression and Parkinson’s could have some unforeseen side effects – they might alter people’s morality, making them more or less selfish. The results of the research have been controversial given the widespread use of these drugs.



  • For health advice, mum still knows best For health advice, mum still knows best

    Teens are more connected than any other age group (not to mention notoriously cagey), so you might assume they’d rely on the internet for advice on their health. But a study shows that while they conduct research on the web, their parents remain their most trusted sources.

  • Article image Are Brits really drinking healthy?

    Over 80% of UK adults agree that looking after their health is important and almost 50% will pay more for a low calorie drink. But we are a contradictory nation; sugary cola represents over half of all pop drunk. When and why are people choosing to drink healthy over swigging down a sugar hit?

  • Article image Oscar: reviving the US healthcare system

    Health insurance plans are confusing for Americans – just 14% of those with private health coverage have an understanding of the most basic insurance concepts. Oscar is disrupting the industry and appealing to digital natives by running a health insurer like a start-up. But how?

  • Article image Electronic skin patch: painkillers tailored to you

    In a world where products and clothes are designed to fit every body shape and size, why does medicine still use ‘one size fits all’? Is wearable technology finally advancing to provide a more bespoke healthcare service and more personalised medicine?