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  • Artisan perfume goes mainstream
  • Artisan perfume goes mainstream
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Artisan perfume goes mainstream

Today's consumers are eschewing the latest Beyoncé or Taylor Swift fragrance in favour of perfume with a bit more personality. Artisan perfumers have become big business, illustrated by the recent acquisition of independent retailer Le Labo by cosmetics giant Estée Lauder.



  • The perfume shop with no labels The perfume shop with no labels

    The perfume industry is set to be worth $38.8 billion by 2017. But sometimes it feels like half that money pays for fancy packaging and expensive adverts. A new perfumer in Milan is attempting to cut through all the noise and put the focus back on the products.

  • Article image Le Labo: luxury without snobbery

    In light of mass production and the rise of celebrity scents, Le Labo offers insight into the heritage of the fragrance industry and provides authentic perfumes that rekindle the romance.

  • Article image Scent sensibilities: an interview with James Craven

    We speak to scent expert James Craven to get some detailed insights into what motivates consumers of luxury fragrance.

  • Article image The Scent of Departure: cities in bottles

    The Scent of Departure is a perfume brand which claims to have captured all the complexities of 20 global cities, each in one small bottle.