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  • Australian consumers want revolution in retail
  • Australian consumers want revolution in retail
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Australian consumers want revolution in retail

Data from IBM’s 2015 Global Smarter Consumer study sheds a lot of light on the Australian shopper. Their affinity for online commerce is growing but, unfortunately for retailers, so is the gap between what they expect and what they’re offered. So what does this mean for Aussie retailers?



  • Aussies catch the digital bug Aussies catch the digital bug

    The World Economic Forum ranks Australia at just 18th in terms of countries that are ‘digitally ready’ – surprisingly low – due to slow internet speeds and a lack of infrastructure. But as media companies spend on online ads and mobile penetration goes up, Aussies are switching on to digital.

  • Article image Why are more Aussies shopping local?

    Half of Aussies say buying local is the most important thing to do to strengthen the economy. And it's not just older generations shopping with their local grocer – 20% of Gen Y support local businesses by promoting them online. Why are Aussies turning down the big boys in favour of smaller brands?

  • Article image Why Australians want faster food and speedier shopping

    The sun-worshipping, beach-dwelling, slow-living Australian stereotype has never been less accurate. Tech-based solutions and on-demand services are creating an expectation of convenience. But while brands cater to the speed with which Australians consume, are they at risk of sacrificing an emotional connection?

  • Article image A cultural snapshot of Australia

    Are Australians still beach mad? How is the face of the average Aussie changing? In our 2014 / 2015 cultural snapshot of Australia, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.