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  • Ayo is a sleep-hacking wearable
  • Ayo is a sleep-hacking wearable
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Ayo is a sleep-hacking wearable

Are you tired of being busy? Or simply too busy to be tired? Either way, time-intensive work all too often comes at the expense of precious sleep. We can’t all be part of the ‘sleepless elite’ and thrive on a meagre four-hour kip, but new wearable tech could help burn the candle at both ends. 



  • Article image Icaros: a workout for both body and mind

    Whether swooping over sprawling landscapes or careering through space, an hour spent on Icaros – a virtual reality at-home gym that claims to exercise both mind and body – promises to be a truly holistic workout. Is this what the future of fitness looks like, or is it just another VR gimmick?

  • A wristband that changes the way you feel A wristband that changes the way you feel

    There's already so much technology out there to track your sleep or daily steps that it's hard to imagine where another would fit. But Doppel is part of a new breed of wearables; a wristband that instead of simply informing you about your mood, can actively change it too.

  • Article image How important is a good night’s sleep?

    In the 50s we used to sleep eight hours a night. Nowadays the average is six and a half. Why have we become less keen on a proper night’s keep? Does our modern lifestyle promote sleep deprivation, meaning we’ll stay awake as long as it takes to consume as much online as possible?

  • Sleep tracking is on the rise Sleep tracking is on the rise

    An estimated 50 and 70 million adults in the US alone have a sleep disorder. And with problems with sleep leading to more serious health issus, there's growing interest in sleep tracking apps and devices that help people get as restful a sleep as possible.