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  • Next phase of ‘Like a girl’ campaign launched
  • Next phase of ‘Like a girl’ campaign launched
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Next phase of ‘Like a girl’ campaign launched

The second phase of Cannes Lions 2015 Grand Prix winner ‘Like a Girl’ has been launched. The ad – already viewed over four million times – sees girls write society’s perceptions of females (‘weak’, ‘perfect’, ‘not brave’) on boxes, before smashing them both literally and metaphorically.



  • Article image Willagirls: Gen Z sell skincare at sleepovers

    From Avon ladies to Tupperware parties to Ann Summers soirees, peer-to-peer selling is an established business model for companies, with most aimed squarely at middle-aged women. But now Willa is hoping that Gen Zers can revive its brand by selling lip shimmer and face wash to their pals.

  • An all-girl Ghostbusters for Hollywood An all-girl Ghostbusters for Hollywood

    Ghostbusters is being remade with one crucial alteration. The entire team will be played by female comics. That’s four lead roles in an action movie going to women famous for a traditionally male skill. Is this the game-changer internet feminism has been waiting for?

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    Embracing '90s indie pre-digital culture, Rookie is an online magazine for younger Millennials. Created by Tavi Gevinson at age 15, the magazine reworks the tone of mainstream media.

  • Article image Girl power: a new leadership paradigm

    The modern woman is setting her sights on increasingly ambitious career. John Gerzema explains how her attitudes have changed, what hurdles she faces and how brands can cater to her needs.