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  • Push Doctor brings convenience to healthcare
  • Push Doctor brings convenience to healthcare
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Push Doctor brings convenience to healthcare

In the UK, the NHS is completely ingrained into our culture. It’s an institution to be proud of, with paying for healthcare a distinctly alien concept for most. Push Doctor is a new service that could be set to change this, providing a convenient – and relatively cheap – alternative to a GP.



  • Busy workers can still make it to the doctor Busy workers can still make it to the doctor

    Most healthcare clinics operate during office hours and require long waits, making it difficult for working people to visit unless something serious happens. Subsequently, minor health problems often go ignored or undertreated. Now, time-poor commuters no longer have to ignore health concerns.

  • Article image ResearchKit: Appleā€™s not keeping the doctor away

    Tucked into the pockets of 44 million people in the US alone, iPhones have become our lives – and now they could save them, too. Apple’s ResearchKit is a platform for creating apps that collect medical data and it's got potential to completely alter personalised medicine and mobile health.

  • Article image PillPack: streamlining your medicine

    Pharmacies don't always offer great retail experiences. PillPack wants to solve this with a subscription-based online pharmacy and new method of delivery. But are people ready to ditch a fail-safe but frustrating routine for a more expensive but simpler alternative?

  • Article image HealthTap: doctors on demand

    HealthTap is a website and smartphone app that allows users to quiz doctors about health concerns and get prompt answers to their queries.