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  • Enjoy a snack of broccoli
  • Enjoy a snack of broccoli
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Enjoy a snack of broccoli

What's your favourite snack? Crisps? A chocolate bar? How about a bag of dehydrated broccoli florets? Although the green stuff might once have been one of the most hated veggies, nutrition experts believe that new snackable formats are set to be a hit with children and adults alike.



  • Article image Veganz: Germany’s hedonistic vegans eat up meat-free junk food

    The term ‘vegans’ tends to conjure up images of salad-grazing, stick-thin hippies. But a different vegan message of indulgence and junk food has taken over Berlin. Supermarket chain Veganz stocks vegan candy and meatless bacon strips. But isn’t vegan junk food the ultimate diet contradiction?

  • ‘Souping’ becomes the best way to ‘juice’ ‘Souping’ becomes the best way to ‘juice’

    Thanks, in part, to glowing endorsements from the likes of Bill Clinton and Gwyneth Paltrow, juice has become a $5 billion industry. But as people become bored of simply drinking and look for something more substantial – but just as healthy – could souping be the answer?

  • Article image Are we all ready to start veggin' out?

    Only 3% of the UK population identify as vegetarian. But thanks to a switch in tactics, the movement is gaining pace – and a weekly slot in people's stomachs. Can meat-free Michelin-starred restaurants, celebrity chefs, and veg delivery services cure people's appetite for meat?

  • Sesame Street sells vegetables to kids Sesame Street sells vegetables to kids

    Studies show that kids avoid food marketed as healthy, so vegetables and fruits companies are taking a leaf out of the ‘how to market junk food’ book. Healthy brands are now able to use Sesame Street characters free of charge in their ads - a "game-changing move" for the industry.