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  • Google lets you undo a sent email
  • Google lets you undo a sent email
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Google lets you undo a sent email

Everyone has experienced that sinking feeling when you accidentally click 'reply to all' on an email, send a message to the wrong person or forget to attach a file. But Gmail is introducing a feature that will reverse those email blunders by letting you recall the message.



  • Article image What happens when we die online?

    Our 'online lives' are about more than witty tweets and holiday photos on Facebook; we bank online, we shop online, we find love online and we seek advice online. It's not just about data, either. It includes digital assets – from music to Bitcoin. What happens to all that information when we die? 

  • Life now has an ‘undo’ button Life now has an ‘undo’ button

    When Justine Sacco tweeted, “Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just Kidding. I'm White!”, if only she’d had the good sense to self-edit. Instead, she jumped on an 11-hour flight and let her display of poor humour fester online. By the time she landed, she was trending in Johannesburg.

  • Article image Google Inbox: simplifying our email admin

    We receive around 150 emails a day, and spend up to 38% of our time sifting through them all. Sorting, reading and replying to emails has become a daily chore that distracts us from both work and play. Can Google’s smart email client help us manage our online admin?

  • 25,000 Germans want to be forgotten 25,000 Germans want to be forgotten

    According a Google transparency report, 25,000 Germans have asked the search engine to remove search results about them, following the EU Court of Justice’s ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling in May 2014. Only France has seen more requests.