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  • Banking is about to have an ‘uber moment’
  • Banking is about to have an ‘uber moment’
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Banking is about to have an ‘uber moment’

Travel agents were put out of business by sites like Expedia, while black cabs are currently being threatened by app-based taxi service Uber. Is it time for the banking industry to be disrupted by mobile start-ups, too? Or is a bank in an app taking it too far for security-conscious consumers?



  • Article image UK Gen Y on Money

    Are Gen Yers splurging their cash when they should be saving? Are they really saying no to home ownership? Do they actually have no use for brick-and-mortar bank branches? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out where their cash really goes. 

  • Article image Nubank: app-based credit for Brazil’s big spenders

    In Brazil, applying for a credit card is a whole lot of hassle. But mobile-first service Nubank is harnessing the 90 million-strong smartphone circulation to replace all that poor service and paperwork with a streamlined, app-based offering. Is this the future of Brazilian banking?

  • Article image Moven Impulse Savings: money in the bank at the tap of a wrist

    We think nothing of using smartphones to do the weekly shop or review bank statements on the go. But with the spread of smartwatches, will we soon send cash and buy drinks via tiny computers on our wrists? Moven hopes its Impulse Savings app can get people saving rather than spending, but how?

  • Article image Which bank services will make you switch?

    With UK consumer confidence increasing, competition among banks is stronger than ever. Austerity has left consumers cautious, while 24/7 banking has given more access and control over personal finance. But what do people want, and how can banks entice them to switch?