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  • Australians bring the outdoors into the home
  • Australians bring the outdoors into the home
    Alex Proimos (2012) ©

Australians bring the outdoors into the home

Urbanisation is hitting one of the most spacious places on Earth – Australia. Known for its sunny weather and famous beaches, the land down under is also home to more than 24 million inhabitants who are now adapting their freedom-loving lifestyle to new types of living spaces.



  • Article image One Santa Fe: building a neighbourhood in an apartment block

    One Santa Fe is an LA-based apartment block of dense housing, but instead of building up, homes are spread across a site that’s a quarter of a mile long. With 25% of Americans not even knowing their neighbours' names, can a 'horizontal skyscraper’ recreate the social bonds of a close-knit community?

  • Custom furniture as easy to order as IKEA Custom furniture as easy to order as IKEA

    Moving into a new home is often stressful. Aside from the rigmarole of transferring your belongings from one abode to another, there’s the issue of whether everything will fit right when you get there. That cove would’ve been the perfect place for that shelf, if only it were 8cm wider, right?

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Home

    Is 2015 the year we become DIY experts? What ways will digital devices continue to change the livingroom dynamic? Will we see a rise in ‘smart furniture’ and how will we cope living in shoe-box-sized apartments?

  • Article image What does a Millennial’s home look like?

    In 2013, property prices in the UK increased by over 11%. Living spaces may be getting more expensive (and smaller) but new schemes aim to make houses better connected and personally serviced too. How are people and brands reacting to the changing nature of our homes?