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  • Luxury fashion bets big on menswear
  • Luxury fashion bets big on menswear
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Luxury fashion bets big on menswear

From the high street to haute couture, womenswear dominates fashion. But the past few years have seen growth in men’s fashion outperform women’s. In response, an increasing number of luxury brands are expanding their men's offering to make the most of this growing opportunity.



  • Article image Playboy Now: the top-shelf magazine gets safe for work

    As sales of its physical magazines decline, Playboy – once top of the top-shelf – is rapidly reinventing itself for the digital age. It has now launched a free mobile app that offers Buzzfeed-style editorial content and Vice-style video. But most importantly, it’s nudity-free and safe for work.

  • Western men need their own male make-up Western men need their own male make-up

    Being a well-groomed man is hardly a bad thing. But in recent years, some men have taken it a step further; 'manscaras' and 'guyliners' have become staples in their daily regimes. Is it time for western skincare companies to shed old ideas of masculinity and comply to the male make-up demand?

  • Article image Hungry-Man: bigger portions for real men

    Frozen meals have fallen out of favour. But Hungry-Man – one of the oldest and least healthy brands in the category – has experienced a surge in popularity. With 1,500 calorie, 'XXL' portions, could Hungry-Man's big food be seeing success by dealing in the business of indulgence?

  • Article image How the gym is redefining what it means to be a man

    Painstakingly pumped and carefully chiselled – this is the body ideal of the ‘spornosexual’. UK sales of protein products increased from £73m in 2007 to £170m in 2012, and steroid users rose 645% from 2010-2013. But what’s fuelling the quest for more muscle amongst ordinary men?