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  • Whole 30 is the latest fad diet
  • Whole 30 is the latest fad diet
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Whole 30 is the latest fad diet

GI, 5:2, paleo, high fibre; there seems to be an endless succession of fad diets, each backed up with a few scientific studies and some devoted fans extolling the virtues of going ‘grain free’. Whole 30 is the latest – a modern version of the paleo. But is it more than a passing craze?



  • Do wellness bloggers know enough about wellness? Do wellness bloggers know enough about wellness?

    Australian blogger Belle Gibson was publicly shamed in recent months for false claims that she’d cured herself of cancer through her diet. Though her secret’s out now, she made more than $1 million from her app, causing many to wonder just how qualified wellness bloggers are to tell us how to eat.

  • Article image Are we all schizophrenic eaters?

    Burger fads and 1,000-calorie ready meals hardly fit in with a society that’s increasingly obsessed with healthy eating. But while these polarising trends paint a schizophrenic food landscape, they show how indulgent foods express our freedoms. After all, no one likes to be told what to eat.

  • Article image Who eats raw?

    The raw food movement isn't clear-cut; some are keen to keep it simple, others want to elevate it to gourmet grub. But with an abundance of products labelled raw in health food stores, has ‘raw’ become a label in itself? Who are these raw foodies and why do they prefer their food uncooked?

  • Article image Slim Pasta: a zero-vitamin, zero-calorie superfood

    Unlike the usual superfoods, Slim Pasta doesn’t add anything to your diet; no antioxidants, no vitamins, no enzymes or minerals. It's slimy, chewy and look a bit like space food – but it claims to be the best-selling low calorie pasta in Europe. So why are dieters so keen to slurp down Slim Pasta?