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  • Consumer confidence at highest level in a decade
  • Consumer confidence at highest level in a decade
    Geoffrey Froment (2012) ©

Consumer confidence at highest level in a decade

In the mood for shopping? A new survey shows that British consumers' confidence in the economy and their spending power has hit a ten year high. This new optimism has been attributed to rising pay and falling inflation, and it's creating a wealth of opportunities for retailers.



  • Article image Paribus: an app to help save on past purchases

    We’ve all endured the annoyance of seeing an item we bought the week before on sale at a knocked down price. But few of us would make the effort to seek out a refund. Paribus is an app that automatically claims back any money owed, ideal for the new generation of post-recession bargain hunters.

  • Article image UK Gen Y on Money

    Are Gen Yers splurging their cash when they should be saving? Are they really saying no to home ownership? Do they actually have no use for brick-and-mortar bank branches? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out where their cash really goes. 

  • Article image Tango Shop: chatty commerce for gen mobile

    Shopping as we know it could be about to change. With over 50% of e-commerce traffic coming from mobile devices, an app called Tango is catering to a generation that’s stuck staring at their smartphones. With the ability to chat, share and buy all in one place, could rivals be left behind?

  • Article image Argos: a catalogue shop for the digital age

    Argos was ‘the Amazon of the 1980s’. But now, with the web giant launching a retail store and Argos ‘doing digital’, the catalogue shop could be the one to watch. But what changed? Has Argos finally solved its image problem? And has it really become a ‘cool brand’?