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  • Unilever’s collaborative approach to social good
  • Unilever’s collaborative approach to social good
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Unilever’s collaborative approach to social good

Many hands make light work; that’s the philosophy running through Unilever’s latest venture, The Foundry. It's a platform designed to help the consumer goods company make sustainable living the new norm by collaborating with start-ups. And now, it's collaborating with consumers, too.



  • Vice and Unilever to create girls-only channel Vice and Unilever to create girls-only channel

    VICE has made a name for itself delivering provocative investigative journalism to Gen Yers. It's now launching a female-focused video channel called Broadly in partnership with Unilever. Brands like Tresemme and Dove are set to co-create and sponsor content for the platform.

  • Article image A sector snapshot of citizenship

    What is radical transparency? Has giving become fashionable? How are social networks changing how we care? And how should brands talk about values?

  • Unilever boosts social campaigning Unilever boosts social campaigning

    With a brand-building campaign that draws parallels between historic social campaigners like Martin Luther King and modern-day equivalents, Unilever is encouraging consumers to take positive action against worldwide social and economic issues.

  • Article image Why brands shouldn't talk about values

    Over the last decade, brands have made a real effort to ‘go green’ – and they expect a positive response. But a study by Yale suggests that people are actually less likely to buy if the environmental benefit seems intentional. So how should a brand demonstrate its green credentials?