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  • Jaguar to develop remote control vehicles
  • Jaguar to develop remote control vehicles
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Jaguar to develop remote control vehicles

Ever had to manoeuvre your car out of a tight spot and wished you had a pair of eyes on the ground? Jaguar is now researching a feature which will enable drivers to move their vehicle via a smartphone app. But do people really want to control their car like a remote control toy?



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    Visa, Pizza Hut and Accenture: Delivering the connected car

    Over the next five years, the portion of vehicles on sale that are networked will grow from 10% to 90%. But as car and mobile brands wrangle over how this will work, a partnership between Visa, Pizza Hut and Accenture lets drivers order and pay for pizza from the dashboard.

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    Who buys a classic car?

    Whilst the luxury car market sputters along, prices for classic cars are increasing and some are even calling it ‘a classic car bubble’. How is the classic car scene evolving, why is this happening and who are the drivers getting their gloves on the wheels? 

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    How car-hacking will change the way we drive

    To many, car-hacking sounds like an improbable danger from a distant future. But many new cars are connected to wireless networks, and are already vulnerable. Hacking is responsible for a third of car thefts in the UK. Is digital security now the car industry’s biggest challenge?

  • Supercars drive Korea’s luxury car market

    Supercars drive Korea’s luxury car market

    Supercars are high performance vehicles; super fast, super exclusive, and super expensive. About 20,000 supercars are sold globally each year, but in Korea the market for them is rapidly expanding - opening a new channel for manufacturers to explore.