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  • uMotif lets doctors track patients remotely
  • uMotif lets doctors track patients remotely
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uMotif lets doctors track patients remotely

The ‘quantified self’ movement is gaining momentum, with many of us tracking some aspect of our health. Given how useful this data is, it was only a matter of time before it landed in the hands of clinicians. uMotif is a tracking app that connects patients and doctors to streamline healthcare.



  • Article image A sector snapshot of technology

    We now have an average of 41 pieces of tech in our homes. But are these smart devices leaving consumers behind? How are apps creating new habits? Has privacy become an opportunity? Are we forgetting how to repair gadgets – and does it even matter?

  • Article image Dexcom G4: monitoring diabetes in the 21st century

    Diabetes affects over 9% of adults globally. It’s a big problem amongst US Boomers; 72% of men and 67% of women are overweight or obese. A new app allows diabetics to track and share their glucose data in real time. How can technology help us better manage illness in the 21st century?

  • Article image Oscar: reviving the US healthcare system

    Health insurance plans are confusing for Americans – just 14% of those with private health coverage have an understanding of the most basic insurance concepts. Oscar is disrupting the industry and appealing to digital natives by running a health insurer like a start-up. But how?

  • Better: taking healthcare mobile Better: taking healthcare mobile

    When health expert Geoffrey Clapp teamed up with US medical practice and research group the Mayo Clinic, together they envisaged a future where healthcare would be available anytime, anywhere. And for $49 per month, that's exactly what the resultant app Better offers.