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  • Furniture designed with delivery in mind
  • Furniture designed with delivery in mind
    IKEA (2015) ©

Furniture designed with delivery in mind

Ease and efficiency have long been prominent strands in IKEA’s brand DNA. The furniture retailer has built a global empire – valued by Forbes at just under $12 billion – off the back of making the task of house furnishing as painless as possible. But things could always be easier, right?



  • Article image Tuft & Needle: getting a practically perfect nights sleep

    Sleep is a big deal – 60% of Americans crave it over sex. But traditionally a good mattress is an investment, costing up to $3,000. Tuft & Needle is changing that. It offers an affordable, high-tech design that means your partner won’t feel you’re there, or that their wallet is a new bed lighter.

  • Custom furniture as easy to order as IKEA Custom furniture as easy to order as IKEA

    Moving into a new home is often stressful. Aside from the rigmarole of transferring your belongings from one abode to another, there’s the issue of whether everything will fit right when you get there. That cove would’ve been the perfect place for that shelf, if only it were 8cm wider, right?

  • Article image IKEA Urban: small stores for Hamburg’s busy city dwellers

    About 40% of Hamburg's 1.8 million residents don’t own a car, so IKEA has introduced its first ‘citystore’ – an urban little sister to its sprawling, out-of-town counterparts. It’s already more popular than any other German branch, but who is this inner-city store attracting?

  • Article image What does a Millennial’s home look like?

    In 2013, property prices in the UK increased by over 11%. Living spaces may be getting more expensive (and smaller) but new schemes aim to make houses better connected and personally serviced too. How are people and brands reacting to the changing nature of our homes?