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  • France wants natives to be nicer to tourists
  • France wants natives to be nicer to tourists
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France wants natives to be nicer to tourists

Many French stereotypes are far from flattering. They would have you believe that the French laze around cafés all day, smoking cigarettes and demonstrating despicable manners. But with a new tourism campaign asking the French to be nicer to tourists, is there some truth to the myth?



  • Article image No More Penguins: a new kind of French waiter

    The cultural trope of the snooty French waiter has become a staple of the Parisian restaurant. But the people who actually dine in these establishments are growing tired of this stuffy attitude. Enter No More Penguins; a homegrown start-up set to put an end to sourness in the world of service.

  • Article image Is there an art to pissing people off?

    According to the world of online dating, coming across as an arse to some can make others love you more. If having haters makes those who like you like you all the more, does the same psychology apply to our relationships with brands? And does it actually pay for a brand to rub part of its audience up the wrong way?

  • The 'real' Paris slows Chinese tourism The 'real' Paris slows Chinese tourism

    An epidemic known as ‘Paris Syndrome’ is gripping a growing number of Chinese tourists every year, as romantic expectations collide with the uglier side of Paris – packed metros, dirty streets, rude waiters, and pickpockets. And it’s damaging French tourism.

  • Article image How ‘Made in France’ became the must-have label

    French-made goods have never been more desirable, and over 95% of French people see buying French products as a ‘citizen act’. But what has led them to care quite so much about local production? And do foreign brands still have a place in French people’s hearts?