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  • L&PM gets Brazil reading with Ticket Books
  • L&PM gets Brazil reading with Ticket Books
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L&PM gets Brazil reading with Ticket Books

Pocket-book publisher L&PM has devised a novel way of celebrating National Book Day in Brazil. The brand distributed 10,000 Ticket Books – pocket-sized books that work as tickets on the subway – all for free at subway stations across São Paulo. But could they get Brazilians reading?



  • Article image Blinkist: clever speed reading

    There are endless business, psychology and self-help titles that claim to make you smarter, more productive and happier. But who has time to read them all? Berlin-based start-up Blinkist wants to ‘serve curious minds’ by letting busy people read more in less time.

  • Article image Endgame: turning a paperback into a multimedia journey

    As a publisher in the 21st century, how do you capture the attention of a generation of kids raised on tablets and computer games? Author James Frey thinks he has the answer – Endgame, a book that transcends its pages onto social networks and into the real world.

  • Article image Sensory Fiction: getting lost in a book

    Reading is an emotional experience. Books can make you laugh, cry or feel scared - but can technology make them even more immersive? MIT's Media Lab has created a book that lets you really feel and experience first-hand the emotions and environments described in the text.

  • Mobile is championing the reading revolution Mobile is championing the reading revolution

    A 'mobile reading revolution' is taking place in developing countries, with 62% of people reading more thanks to the rise of smartphones. With greater access to information in our pockets, is mobile the key to tackle literacy problems in the developing world?