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  • Pay with cash to improve your health
  • Pay with cash to improve your health
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Pay with cash to improve your health

The multi-million pound diet industry is booming. Desperate to shed those extra pounds, everyone wants to know the latest weight loss secret. Could simply sticking to cash payments make a difference? New studies reveal that if you pay on card you're more likely to indulge in unhealthy treats.



  • Article image Google Wallet: making cash transfers as easy as email

    Whether pinging your colleague a PDF or sending a mate an mp3, email attachments are the norm. And Google Wallet now allows UK users to attach cash to their emails, too. But in a financial landscape rife with privacy concerns, do people really want bank transfers to be as easy as sending an email?

  • Reusable bags are bad for your health Reusable bags are bad for your health

    Doing the supermarket shop with a reusable bag might be good for the planet, but it might not be that great for your waistline. Studies now show that using an eco-friendly tote bag actually makes people more likely to reach for the sweet treats and sugary snacks they'd otherwise avoid.

  • Article image How snacking is taking over the US one bite at a time

    More calories were consumed in snacks during the 2015 Super Bowl than at Thanksgiving dinner in 2014. Snacking in the US is at an all-time high, with 91% doing it daily. So why is the 'little and often' habit replacing traditional meals? And what does the average American really want from a snack?

  • Article image How Disney is using data to make magic

    As smart technology changes how consumers interact with brands and products, Disney's MyMagic+ is leading the charge towards contactless payment and a smarter, more efficient world.