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  • We can't resist food with a face
  • We can't resist food with a face
    Pilsbury (2014) ©

We can't resist food with a face

From the Pillsbury Doughboy to Mr. Peanut, food mascots are part of our cultural landscape. But are they anything more than a cute curiosity? A new study suggests that they actually have a powerful psychological effect, eroding people’s ability to exercise impulse control.



  • UK insurers are adopting cuddly spokespeople UK insurers are adopting cuddly spokespeople

    Thinking about buying insurance? Fancy a talking robot thrown in? Perhaps you’d prefer a toy dog or maybe an aristocratic Russian meerkat? Able to reel off company catchphrases when squeezed or pulled, these cute and cuddly characters are becoming the spokespeople of UK insurers.

  • Article image Why it’s raining cats and dogs in the ad world

    The ad industry has fallen in love with cute animals. McVitie’s offers up 'Sweeet' kittens and puppies, O2 has a cat acting canine, and Three has featured both a moonwalking pony and a hilariously-dressed pug. But why do puppies, ponies and penguins mean such serious business?

  • Article image Simpsons World: a shareable, social, digital box set

    The Simpsons first aired in 1989, and its 552 episodes have graced TV screens in ten countries. Now Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie have moved online, so fans can watch and share clips from the entire back catalogue. But what's the appeal of a digital Simpsons museum?

  • Article image Can brands hijack a meme?

    Internet memes were once relegated to the depths of 4chan and Reddit. As memetic content surfaces in the mainstream, brands are looking to incorporate memes into their own ads. But can the spontaneous, bottom-up spirit that makes them so potent really be bottled and sold?