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  • Audi’s all-electric SUV to rival Tesla
  • Audi’s all-electric SUV to rival Tesla
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Audi’s all-electric SUV to rival Tesla

Tesla Motors has taken the electric car market by storm, and its Model X will be the world’s first all-electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) to enter into mass production. But it won’t be the last; Audi is gearing up to challenge Tesla in the all-electric SUV marketplace.



  • Why Americans are going to keep on truckin' Why Americans are going to keep on truckin'

    When people pull out their phones to take a picture of a car parked on the street, it's usually a sports car they're interested in. But Americans don't have time for vehicles so close to the ground. Instead they favour stronger, louder – albeit, far less elegant – trucks; from pick-ups to SUVs.

  • Article image Tesla Autopilot: an automatic car cult

    Tesla didn’t set out just to challenge the automotive sector – it wants to change it. It ranks in the top five brands among motor enthusiasts, and celebrity fans of Tesla include Jay-Z, Ben Affleck and Jay Leno. But how has an electric car company become a cool cult brand?

  • Article image Formula E: making electric cars cool

    There are over one billion cars on the world’s roads today, but just 400,000 of them are electric. With issues surrounding recharging, driving range and aesthetics, they are simply not cool. All-electric racing series Formula E hopes to change perceptions. But will it work?

  • Car-sharing goes electric Car-sharing goes electric

    Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Autolib' is an electric car-sharing scheme in Paris that's enjoying huge popularity. Membership increased from 5,650 a month in 2011 to 155,000 in 2014 - clocking up 30.4 million miles. And it's now set to make its debut in London.