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  • Fiat billboard helps drivers parallel park
  • Fiat billboard helps drivers parallel park
    Leo Burnett Deutschland (2015) ©

Fiat billboard helps drivers parallel park

Unless you’re on two wheels or own a Smart car, parallel parking in the city can be a nightmare. But, in Germany, a new billboard is guiding drivers expertly into their spots. Created for Fiat by ad agency Leo Burnett, the poster has made parallel parking a whole lot easier.



  • A billboard that reacts when you look at it A billboard that reacts when you look at it

    Billboards are getting smarter as brands integrate interactive features into their adverts. But often the most effective adverts don't require a passerby to do anything but look at them. This was the thinking behind a Women's Aid's billboard campaign depicting a bruised woman.

  • Article image Beck’s Playable Poster: a billboard you shouldn't ignore

    With everyone's attention held by smartphones, static print billboards aren't enough to persuade people to look up. So brands like Beck's are creating immersive, interactive and intriguing ads – like the world's first 'playable poster' that shows the brand's dedication to music.

  • Interactive billboards go global Interactive billboards go global

    Clear Channel Outdoor is testing NFC-enabled billboards in 75,000 sites worldwide. They'll allow people in public spaces – from bus stops to train stations – to download exclusive content like discount vouchers directly to their smartphones.

  • Article image Sass & Bide: stepping inside the world of fashion

    Australian women’s fashion retailer Sass & Bide launched its Spring 2014 campaign with the world’s first interactive, shoppable ‘3D’ advert, FREETOWN. But as digital and luxury continue to merge, will it dilute or magnify exclusivity?