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  • American women snack like children
  • American women snack like children
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American women snack like children

What do you think of when you consider women's eating habits? Paleo? Low calorie? Low carb? New research shows that, in America at least, women's tastes haven't been influenced at all by the health food craze. In fact, their snacking choices aren't so different to those of children.



  • The protein-focused insect snack bar The protein-focused insect snack bar

    What's the best way to get a protein boost? Eating a 14oz steak? Downing a Maximuscle shake? Or nibbling on a few crickets? The designers behind the Jungle Bar – which uses crickets as an alternative protein source – hope that the power of protein will convince skeptics to eat insects.

  • Article image How snacking is taking over the US one bite at a time

    More calories were consumed in snacks during the 2015 Super Bowl than at Thanksgiving dinner in 2014. Snacking in the US is at an all-time high, with 91% doing it daily. So why is the 'little and often' habit replacing traditional meals? And what does the average American really want from a snack?

  • Americans raid the snack drawer Americans raid the snack drawer

    Wasabi-flavoured popcorn, yogurt covered apricots, Earl Grey shortbread cookies. Grabbing a snack no longer means simply a packet of ready salted crisps, and Americans are hungry for more. A Nielsen survey found that 91% of people in the US snack daily.

  • Article image Snacking goes super-luxe

    The snacks market is booming, and discerning consumers want to be inspired and surprised as they seek more than the usual nutritional sustenance or standard tastes. What they really want to consume is an emotional connection.