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  • Pets At Home is bringing in the pounds
  • Pets At Home is bringing in the pounds
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Pets At Home is bringing in the pounds

A nice, full bath, followed by a quick trim and blow-dry sounds like a relaxing afternoon. Your dog thinks so too, according to Pets at Home. It's providing grooming services, veterinary appointments and premium pet food all under one roof. And rapidly rising profits suggest it's onto something.



  • Article image Pedigree Tracks: Obesity is going to the dogs

    We’re well aware of the threat presented by rising obesity rates in humans, but the issue is now spreading to our pets. The UK is a nation of dog lovers; over a quarter of households own canines, but nearly half of are overweight. Can Pedigree’s new app help owners keep Fido fighting fit?

  • People are falling in love with their dogs People are falling in love with their dogs

    No one can resist puppy dog eyes – whether it's for your own dog or a stranger's on the tube. The reason you can’t get enough of your dog is now scientifically proven – people don’t exaggerate when they say they love their dogs; they feel the same affection for them as they do their own families.

  • Article image Freshpet Select: feeding Fido like one of the family

    Pets have long been seen as family members, but does that mean they should be eating like one? FreshPet is just one of a large number of companies targeting these pampered pets’ 'parents' with high quality human-grade dog and cat food products fresh from the fridge.

  • Americans choose pets over parenthood Americans choose pets over parenthood

    Comparisons between dogs and children are nothing new. Get a dog as a warm-up before kids. Get a dog to distract the kids. Never work with either in the movies. Yet in America, many women are increasingly choosing pets over parenthood, favouring the tinier breeds.