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  • Turning cheap beer into a craft brew
  • Turning cheap beer into a craft brew
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Turning cheap beer into a craft brew

Craft breweries have radically shaken up the beer industry. Mass produced options like Bud Light are being challenged by craft beers that promise to deliver better quality and a more authentic brew. But what if you could turn an ordinary pint into a craft beer with a product not unlike a tea bag?



  • Article image Why we want our gin and vodka to be craft

    Around 90% of people worldwide consider spirits to be an affordable luxury. No longer is drinking vodka, rum and gin just a means of intoxication – it's an experience to be savoured. But with the definition of ‘craft’ unclear, is it becoming little more than a marketing tag?

  • Article image Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey: sugar and spice for young female drinkers

    Flavoured whiskies are the fastest-growing segment in the bourbon industry, accounting for nearly 75% of whisky growth in 2012. And people are clamouring for cotton candy-flavoured vodka and cinnamon-spiked rum too. But who are these sugar-sweet variants targeted at, and is it more than a passing fad?

  • Article image The future of beer: will brewers serve the next generation?

    There's a renaissance in craft brewing, fuelled by the thirst of a new breed of drinker. A growing tribe of 'beer hunters' are looking beyond the ordinary, and searching for something more.

  • Article image BrewDog: personality, passion and punks

    Punk Scottish brewer BrewDog reacted to criticism from regulators by releasing a 55% beer packaged in roadkill. This personality is exactly what keeps fans coming back for more.