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  • For health advice, mum still knows best
  • For health advice, mum still knows best
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For health advice, mum still knows best

Teens are more connected than any other age group (not to mention notoriously cagey), so you might assume they’d rely on the internet for advice on their health. But a study shows that while they conduct research on the web, their parents remain their most trusted sources.



  • Health apps can do more harm than good Health apps can do more harm than good

    Health apps and trackers sell themselves as the gateway to a more wholesome and healthy life. But can they actually be dangerous? A new report, titled ‘Can Healthy People Benefit from Health Apps', raises questions about how apps are creating unnecessary anxiety in otherwise healthy people. 

  • Article image Talkspace: text your therapist on your way to work

    One in ten Americans are clinically depressed. As busyness becomes a status symbol for Millennials, the stress is mounting. 'Text therapy' platform Talkspace appeals to a generation accustomed to immediate answers with a tap of a smartphone – but is it effective?

  • Article image Burrell Street: let’s talk about sexual health

    The thought of discussing STIs with your parents would send shivers down most people’s spines; it is still very much a taboo subject. But a new sexual health center in London, aims to make a visit to the clinic as everyday and enjoyable as popping into a cafe.

  • Article image Thread: personal stylists for everyone

    Combining computer algorithms and real stylists, British menswear brand Thread offers a personalised shopping experience that strips out the distractions and confusion of online shopping.