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  • Japan promises visitors automated 'omotenashi'
  • Japan promises visitors automated 'omotenashi'
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Japan promises visitors automated 'omotenashi'

To distinguish their approach to hospitality, the word omotenashi (roughly translated as ‘selfless hospitality’) dominated Japan’s bid for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The concept – which is being treated as a potential cultural export – is now being fused with another key export  robotics.



  • Article image Sekai Menu: getting tourists in Japan to pick up the chopsticks

    From ramen shops to sushi stands, there’s no doubt that eating out is big business in Japan. But authentic, local dining is off-limits to many foreigners due to the formidable language barrier that persists outside major cities. Could an app get tourists to pick up the chopsticks?

  • Robots to replace sales assistants Robots to replace sales assistants

    In an age where immediate assistance is always just a tap away, waiting for a sales assistant to finish dealing with another customer can lead some to leave a shop. Could Benebot – a shop assistant robot designed by Ecovacs Robotics – solve this familiar inconvenience?

  • Google Now improves its ability to anticipate Google Now improves its ability to anticipate

    With people growing accustomed to the idea of having a digital assistant in their pockets, Google Now is trying to position itself as the most useful tool. By contextualising information on Calendar and Gmail, Google Now can remind people when their bills are due.

  • Will robots replace shop assistants? Will robots replace shop assistants?

    What will the stores of the future look like? Japanese mobile provider Softbank thinks robot assistants are the way to go, and have announced that 'Pepper' – the "world's first personal robot with emotions" – will be staffing two Tokyo branches on a trial basis.