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  • Le Monde launches a digital morning newspaper
  • Le Monde launches a digital morning newspaper
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Le Monde launches a digital morning newspaper

The way we read news has irreversibly changed. News outlets are expected to have real time coverage, while presenting it in fresh and accessible ways. Bucking seven decades of tradition as a daily afternoon broadsheet, French newspaper Le Monde is now offering a mobile-only morning publication.



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    You’ve gotten hold of an Apple Watch, but what do you do with it? That’s the question for brands eyeing up the next big tech platform. Do people want to read on it? And if so, how do you tell a story on a screen barely bigger than a 50 pence piece? The New York Times could have the answer.

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    The Apple App Store houses over one million apps. Despite once trying to do everything, apps are now being split into single purpose platforms. But how do people actually use them? And which is more useful – the Swiss Army knife approach or a tailored, single purpose app?

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    Following the transformation from print to online news, which saw many newspapers adopt paywalls, the news industry is adapting again – this time for mobile devices.