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  • H&M joins the high street make-up movement
  • H&M joins the high street make-up movement
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H&M joins the high street make-up movement

High street chain H&M has launched itself into the beauty market. Set to arrive in autumn 2015, Sara Wallander, concept designer for H&M Beauty, describes it as "Fashion for the face". With make-up becoming an integral part of fashionable self-expression, can H&M capture a space in the market?



  • Tesco offers free chats with beauty experts Tesco offers free chats with beauty experts

    Talking beauty is a big deal online. The most successful vloggers impart their wisdom to millions of loyal subscribers daily. Now, Tesco want a slice of the digital beauty pie. It's offering free video beauty consultations with British beauty experts to anyone with a Google Plus account.

  • Article image Missy Lui: manicures for eco-friendly Aussies

    Getting a manicure is a regular treat for many Australians, but are chemical-filled acrylics no longer cool? Since 2012, the number of organic beauty salons has increased 20%. Missy Lui is Australia’s first vegan certified nail salon. But when it comes to getting a mani and pedi, do people really care about the nasties hidden in their polish?

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Health and Beauty

    Which fitness fads will be big in 2015? How will digital developments change the way we shop for beauty products? Will beauty vloggers loose a bit of their sparkle? And which brands resonate with our quest for body acceptance?

  • Get a gluten-free beauty regime Get a gluten-free beauty regime

    Gluten-free? Dairy-free? Vegan? Everyone seems to have a dietary requirement. And although only 1% of Americans are coeliac, sales of gluten-free foods have risen 68% since 2012. As more people convinced they are sensitive to gluten, beauty brands are launching gluten-free products too.