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  • Playing in a virtual reality theme park
  • Playing in a virtual reality theme park
    The Void (2015) ©

Playing in a virtual reality theme park

Virtual reality has come a long way since the early days of computing, with devices like Oculus Rift giving players the chance to step inside their favourite games. But if you're stuck on the sofa, how real is it? That's the thinking behind The Void's virtual reality theme park.



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    How has YouTube killed the Hollywood star? Why are people demanding more flexible TV packages? How have smartphones turned literally everyone into a gamer? And where is virtual reality really heading next?

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    Whether it's 4D nature documentaries narrated by David Attenborough or simulated museum visits, the applications of virtual reality are increasingly diverse as developers get to grips with the technology. Now, Audi is adding yet another application, with an offering of virtual reality showrooms.

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    A new market for 'virtual reality headsets' is emerging among hardcore gamers seeking more immersive forms of play. After initial interest in Kickstarter Project Oculus Rift grew, Sony is testing a virtual reality headset named ‘Project Morpheus’.

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    REVEL is a new form of technology that changes the way real objects feel by seamlessly superimposing virtual textures onto them, manipulating the human sense of touch.