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  • Japanese parents worry about mobile addiction
  • Japanese parents worry about mobile addiction
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Japanese parents worry about mobile addiction

One in four junior high students and more than half of high school students in Japan own a smartphone – and almost all of them use their mobiles to access the internet. But parents are beginning to worry about their kids' mobile addictions and their potential implications.



  • Article image Meisei Cyber: attending a virtual high school in Japan

    In Japan, high school can be one of the most stressful points in a young person’s life with 59% claiming the pressure is “too much”. In response to a small but growing sect of students failing to make it to class due to sickness, bullying or social anxiety, Meisei Cyber is a virtual high school teens attend with an avatar.

  • Article image LINE: say it with stickers

    While WhatsApp wins over the West and WeChat conquers China, messaging app LINE has taken Japan by storm. With 400 million users worldwide, and 52 million in Japan alone, LINE's bright and vibrant customisable stickers are hugely popular – but can they really replace text?

  • The dangers of being on your mobile The dangers of being on your mobile

    With a growing number of smartphone-related accidents as pedestrians remain glued to their devices in Japan, NTT Docomo has created an animated video to show what would happen if everyone crossing the Shibuya scramble in downtown Tokyo was staring at their phone.

  • Article image 'Wa' culture: how Japan's mobile operators are building smarter cities

    Japan's futuristic technology often leads outsiders to assume it will catch on elsewhere. But what can we understand about the culture that's enabled such innovations to flourish?