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  • Google wants people to manage their time better
  • Google wants people to manage their time better
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Google wants people to manage their time better

In a work-centric society, a full calendar is a more desirable status symbol than any material possession. In order to increase our productivity we need to reinvent the way we manage our time. With the acquisition of Timeful, Google introduces artificial intelligence to our personal schedules.



  • Article image Blinkist: clever speed reading

    There are endless business, psychology and self-help titles that claim to make you smarter, more productive and happier. But who has time to read them all? Berlin-based start-up Blinkist wants to ‘serve curious minds’ by letting busy people read more in less time.

  • Article image Bossy: dictating your procrastination

    From BuzzFeed to Facebook to the Mail Online, few will argue that, with its advanced 'Related Articles’ algorithms and adorable memes, the internet is capable of sucking people in for hours at a time. Now, London-based design student Lucas Neumann thinks he's found a way out.

  • Article image Is work the new religion?

    As having a strong work ethic is increasingly valued and respected, being hard-working no longer means you’re a geek. On the contrary, it's becoming a preferable lifestyle choice.

  • Happiness means keeping busy Happiness means keeping busy

    Americans are less happy when they either have too much or too little free time. They not only seem happier when subscribing to a philosophy of “Don’t hurry, be happy,” but also by organising their lifestyles to minimise spells of boredom.