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  • Mail order adapts to remain relevant
  • Mail order adapts to remain relevant
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Mail order adapts to remain relevant

When was the last time you ordered something from a mail order catalogue? Most people today buy everything from their footwear to their furniture online, leaving old school catalogues rotting on the doorstep. How can brands like La Redoute evolve to survive in the era of e-commerce?



  • Article image Why drug dealers are going digital

    If you wanted to get your hands on an ounce of weed or a gram of coke, chances are you’d call a dealer, meet them in their car and do the deal in cash. But the days of waiting around in the cold for your next high are gone; whether legal or not, more and more people are ordering drugs online.

  • Article image What’s driving India’s e-commerce market?

    The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow from $2 billion in 2013 to $8.5 billion by 2016. Most of this growth will come from clothes, shoes and accessories - showing that tech-savvy Indian consumers have grown to trust online shopping. But what's driving this shift?

  • Article image I Love Mall: shopping in a virtual world

    Brazilians have a long-running love affair with malls. There are currently 503 shopping centres across the nation, earning a total revenue of R$129 billion in 2013. Can an e-commerce platform that promises to be a virtual mall entice Brazilians to spend online?

  • How e-tailers get people to pay full price How e-tailers get people to pay full price

    While 'flash-sale' online retailers bombard people in Mexico with huge discounts, e-commerce platform Gaudena is luring shoppers with a different kind of proposition. Touting speedy delivery, a deeper inventory and the latest fashions, the site aims to get shoppers to pay full price.